Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lexus' New Toy

So when Mike came home from the gym this morning he woke me up and wanted me to look at what he got for Lexus. So I turn over to see him holding this HUGE bone and he is grinning from ear to ear, he thought it was the coolest thing. Lexus has not let it out of her sight all morning, how can she! She carries it around the best she can without bumping into things, and she keeps walking into rooms and getting stuck in the doorway cuz the bone wont fit! So I took a video so you can see for yourself how intense it is.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Fun Fourth

So can I just say we threw the BEST fourth of July bash ever! Cassie, Whitney, and I make such yummy food and spent all day preparing for the guys to come home. Then we were off to downtown Austin to watch fireworks, it was amazing! First of all we got a great spot on the grass right in front of all the News vans and on a hill so no one was in our way, and while the guys were off getting us funnel cakes, Channel 8 News came up to us and asked us all to do a promotional clip. So if anyone is ever in Texas, make sure you watch for us on News 8 Austin! We played Taboo and Mafia while we ate our delicious food and waited for the fireworks to start. Then the Austin Orchestra started playing in the background as the fireworks show started, they were going off just to the left of the city. It was really nice and we all had a great time!

-Breanne told them to look tough. Looks like Bubba was the only one who listened.

Here he looks a little happier!