Wednesday, August 19, 2009


after a 6 month battle and countless attacks with my friend "the kidney stone", our courtship finally comes to an end. tomorrow morning i go under the knife to get rid of this thing for good. ok not really under the knife, it's actually very minor and the whole thing should only take about 30 minutes, but i am going to be under anesthetics and that makes me nervous. so wish me luck! actually if you could all send your luck to claire as she will be watching eli from 5 o'clock in the morning!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

snuggle bug

this has been eli lately. sweet baby.

a day in the life of eli

eli likes to get up in the morning and hang out with daddy. sometimes they play, and sometimes they watch ufc videos on the computer.

eli and i run errands sometimes. lately, he's been holding onto the tag on his toy, he even falls asleep holding it.

he likes to go swimming. thanks grandpa for my fun pool floaty!

and when eli's naughty we put him in the laundry room

he has been teething pretty bad lately

bath time at our house is a big deal. not only because by the end of the day, eli smells like barf and sometimes poop, but because he LOVES his bath! he splashes and laughs and screams that high pitched happy scream. daddy hates that he misses bath time every night, so i take pictures for him.

he kept playing with the faucet. i need to get this kid some bath toys.

he loves being wrapped up in the towel after his bath. this one was nice and warm!

thank you Baby einstein

if anyone else has a rambunctious, hyperactive (clingy, A.D.D) child, I suggest baby einstein, or something similar. i'm not one for sticking my child in front of the tv, but when there's anything i need to get done, it comes in handy. i figure this is better for him to watch then episodes of the office. so there you go, i get dishes done, and he learns the moves for 'if you're happy and you know it'.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

we had a great time while the folks were here! we made lots of yummy food and played some fun games. we also made it to NASA, unfortunately without Mike, but it was still a good time.

we found these helmets that the astronauts wore in space.

my mom couldn't stop laughing......don't know why

Saturday, August 1, 2009

my new present

my little sister claire loves me this many dollar$ worth! i saw this gem at anthropologie and instantly fell in love. when i looked at the price tag, it didn't love me back :( so claire, being the giver that she is, surprised me and bought it! no occasion, just because she's such a sweet person who would do anything for the ones she loves. sappy but true.

my friend quinn

quinn is my friend that i love to play with, and go to the mall with, and grocery shop with, and pretty much do whatever our mommies drag us around to do. i can give credit to quinn when i'm on my best behavior. he's very nice to his mommy, and since he doesn't cry, when we're together i would feel embarrassed if i did.

we like to hold hands sometimes. don't judge.

we like to sit like big boys

we LOVE our daddies

my friend quinn loves to grab at faces. my mommy likes to play with him.

we like our car rides together, sometimes we talk and sing with each other.

i love you quinn, even when you try to kiss me and i cry!


yes this is what Eli sleeps in and yes it is the size of his body. he likes to be snug.

in his stroller at the mall. if it's the only way he'll sleep, i'll take it.

Reason number 7,483 why I lOvE my pediatrician. When I was there for Eli's appointment I asked for some hot water to make him a bottle (Eli occasionally takes formula). One of the nurses brought me some and asked me what kind of formula I used. I told her, and she went to check if they had any samples. She came back and said they didn't have any in but that she just ordered some for when I come in next. Then she told me to ask for them next time I'm there, or I could call in to see if the samples came and just go pick them up. Soo I was really surprised at how nice and helpful she was, but it didn't end there. A few days later I got a call from the nurse, she told me that the samples had arrived and she would leave them at the front desk for me. So next time I was in the area I stopped by to pick them up. I walked up to the reception desk and told the lady there that I had some samples of formula waiting for me. She goes in the back, and I see her grab a case of formula. I think she is going to open it up and give me one or maybe two. No, she hands me the case of SIX and says, "here you go, have a nice day!" Yeah, I just grabbed it and ran out of there before anyone asked any questions. love LOVE love my pediatrician!