Friday, May 21, 2010

where's daddy?

eli waiting for mike to come out of the bathroom. he likes to follow us in, mike doesn't like it as much.

bon appetit

just thought i'd share a few pictures of eli eating....

yes, he opens his mouth that wide every time he eats!

he's 1!

ok, he's 13 months now. i'm a little late in announcing my eli's first birthday, but i thought i'd do it anyway. eli turned 1 on april 10, we were leaving from murrieta for denver so we had a small party for him the week before, with family. we got to denver 2 days before his actual birthday so it was sort of overshadowed by moving in and getting settled. but i got him a little cake anyway and we sang to him. he's 1, his expectations aren't very high.

we had an easter egg hunt on his birthday, but he wouldn't walk on the grass. as soon as he got to it he would bend down and start crawling to get the eggs.

here's eli on his birthday, april 10, in denver.

i'll let you in on a few facts about eli:
-he is 25 lbs and 30 in tall
-he finally rides in a front facing toddler car seat (is he really a toddler?!)
-i still feed him baby food. he doesn't like to pick food up with his hands
-he eats almost anything. i do a pretty good job of keeping him away from junk food though.
-drinks organic whole milk
-loves baths, he has one every night.
-walks (has been for 4 months), and has been running for about 1. i'll post a video, it's SO funny!
-blows kisses
-says mama, mom, daddy, dad, teddy, bye, light, dod (dog), woof, moo, raaarrr! (it's what a lion says), ball, wow, balloon, baby.
-he takes to, two hour naps a day, although the last week the second nap hasn't gone so well.
-he goes to bed between 7 and 8 pm, and wakes up between 7 and 8 am. like clockwork.
-loves to play outside, and loves the park.
-he wears size 4 shoe, and 12 month clothes.
-snuggles when he's tired and ready for bed, and waves goodbye to everyone.
-loves his daddy, he thinks mike is so cool and loves spending time with him.
-has a real crush on the gerber baby. it was the first time he said baby, when he noticed it on his baby food.
-he loves to read, and to be read to. his favorite book right now is one of mine when i was a kid. little house on the prairie. i think it's because there's a dog in it......i hope.
-loves to play at violet's house, and is very interested in her new baby brother.
-he does hit, but we're working on that and it's gotten a little better. he still hits claire the same amount.

mike and i really love him more and more everyday. i go in his room every night before i go to bed, and i just watch him for a few minutes. he is so precious and sweet, most of the time, but we love him in every way! happy belated birthday eli!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This is why my mother's day was happy. (and maybe it had a little something to do with his wonderful dad, too.)

P.S. I know I need to update, and I will. Let this tie you over in the mean time.