Wednesday, October 28, 2009


this post is dedicated to eli, to show all of you how crazy he is. he just doesn't stop, and is fearless.... what have we got ourselves into?


eli and i went with my parents and violet to their ward's trunk or treat. cassie and josh were on a cruise so violet was staying with grandma and grandpa. we had fun eating chili and the babies had fun in their cute costumes.

his costume was a little too small to say the least

eeyore and the dinosaur looked very cute

eli kept reaching through to grab v's eeyore ears

i love how extremely chubby this costume makes him look

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pictures pictures pictures

i don't really have much to say about this post, but a picture is worth a thousand words, right? so let's get to it.

violet's name book. who else's 6 month old can read?

how do you think we keep those cheeks so chubby?

eli's first fashion show

ok mom, so maybe i do need that bumper

Thursday, October 15, 2009


my baby turned 6 months on october 10 2009! or as my dad put it, "you turn point five today!" he is so big and SO active. mike and i just adore him and are having so much fun lately. mike is constantly telling me how much he loves being a dad. that's like music to my ears, i love that he loves being a dad, and he's pretty good at it too. so let us all praise eli in all he has accomplished as of his 1/2 year mark....

-crawling like a pro
-sitting up
-sitting to crawling
-pulling up to standing on EVERYTHING
-screaming and yelling. yep, a whiner. big surprise.
-loves being scared or startled, laughs hysterically. don't ask me how we figured that out.
-can't get enough of daddy. loves riding on his shoulders.
-gets the biggest grin and grabs at the phone when i'm talking to mike on speaker. then yells at me when i don't give him the phone.
-has eaten all the vegetables and now on to fruits for the first time
-has taken to caressing my face when i feed or "cradle" him
-pulls my hair
-loves dogs
-has two bottom teeth
-last time i weighed him, about 3 weeks ago, was 16 lbs. 8 oz.
-has a really nerdy laugh. seriously, i'll record it sometime.
-LOVES being outside
-he has started pulling himself forward in his stroller while on walks. he thinks he's really cool.
-loves loves his cousin violet. it is a sight to see when they catch each other's eye after waking up from a nap or just entering a room. oh it is love.
-loves to watch his cousins jayms and johnny from afar. they are a bit crazier than what he's used to, but loves them just the same.
-has a soft spot for his uncle todd
-gives auntie claire the best kisses
-does NOT sleep through the night. wakes up twice wanting to grub. any suggestions?
-is a very light sleeper. my sisters curse me because i'm always shushing them, and i literally tip toe when i walk past his room. it's pathetic.

eli is such a sweetheart and we couldn't ask for more! he is our world, our love, our everything!