Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Kroger Kidnapper

So the other day I went to Kroger, it's a grocery store in Texas, and as I'm browsing the spice aisle for some cumin this short, fat Russian lady comes up and is admiring Eli.  He is asleep in his carseat being a doll.  She's oohing and aahing at him and not paying much attention to me, so I turn back around and continue my search.  She asks me how old he is and I tell her, "7 weeks."  She tells me how cute and precious he is.  She then proceeds to warn me, while still staring at Eli and in her creepy Russian accent, "be very careful, people steal babies.  Especially precious babies."  My search for the cumin comes to a screeching halt, my main goal now is to keep this Russian lady from waddling off with my son.  So I put my hands back on the cart and hover over the carseat.  She then starts touching and tickling his feet.  I seriously thought she was going to ask to hold him and I was prepared to just start running.  I smile nervously at her and check that the carseat is buckled and tightened.  At that point, Eli wakes up and starts crying.  She smiled and walked away, so i assumed she was done with him.....or so I thought.  I think I'm in the clear so I continue looking for that damn cumin, when I see her lurking a few feet away.  She ended up going up and down and circling the aisle two or three times, all the while peeking up at Eli and mumbling how precious he was.  I finally found the stupid cumin, threw it in the cart, and sprinted to the checkout counter.  Moral of the story, don't have cute babies.  I can't blame her, how can you not love this sweet boy?


Sunday Adventure

Sunday started out much like every other Sunday.  Dress up and photo shoot with Eli, shower and bathe, eat breakfast, and off to church.  Well the first few tasks were carried out.....

But actually getting to church was a problem.  We followed the iPhone directions to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints,  and this is where we ended up.....
We ended up on a wild goose chase because we were directed to three other Korean churches while trying to find ours.  Coincidence?  Needless to say we didn't make it to church.  We now have directions ready for next Sunday.

Eli loves his daddy

I always find them just hanging out.  Oh, and I realize Mike is half naked in most of my posts......don't judge, we live in Texas.

Catching Up

This whole blogging thing is a lot more difficult when there's a baby thrown into the mix.  But regardless, we have been up to a few things and have some cute pictures to show for it.

First of all.....                                
It was Todd's birthday on the 13th 
and we all went to P.F. Chang's

Playing with friends.....
Brooklynn giving Eli loves and snuggles

She wanted to sit with him and just kept sitting on him

She finally got it

Eli and Quinn.  Such a rowdy bunch.

Dinner Goal.....

We had to put Eli under the table so he wasn't in the way

It was also Shane's birthday.  They made him ride the bull.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Better Update

 Alright, this ones for the fam.  I have been horrible at keeping my family updated with little E.i.'s life.  So this is what we've been up to.........

First time going to church.  It was Mother's Day and Eli's one month birthday!

A few naps.  We love naptime.  It's a rare occasion.

Just hanging out

Snuggling with Daddy


Now, this video is quite long, but all the action is in the beginning, so don't feel obliged to watch the whole thing. 

Monday, May 11, 2009


Friday, May 1, 2009

Baby Eli

I've been behind on my blogging, I know.  Baby Eli is now a whopping 3 weeks old, and is such a joy.  We took him to the doctor 4 days after he was born and he weighed 7 lbs., 11 oz., which was 9 oz. less than what he weighed at birth.  We went in 2 days later and he weighed the same.  So, doctor's orders were to go back 8 days later for his 2 week check up, and he weighed in at 8 lbs., 8 oz.  Yes people, my child has gained 13 oz. in 8 days.  He's going to be a "healthy" boy to say the least.  Well I wanted to post more pictures of the little guy for your viewing pleasure, so enjoy.