Friday, September 17, 2010


just helping grandpa in the yard. and a big help he was.

look closely. that is a pooper scooper, not a shovel. he had a long bath with lots of soap before bed.

pump it up

we take the kids to Pump It Up every once in a while. they love it. okay we "adults" love it so we drag them along. regardless, we all have a blast and they are so cute to watch.

these are 75% of the kiddos, jayms was off on the big slide. you try to get a picture of four kids together playing in a warehouse full of bounce houses.

taking a rest

The Washington Post

visited mike in washington this past weekend. we had a grand time playing and going to church and seeing the sites.

first things first, waiting to board the plane in long beach...
...and waiting...
...still waiting...
we were just walking around for an hour and a half waiting to board the plane. long beach is the smallest airport i've ever been to, and i've been a couple times before so i know my way around, so i knew i only needed to be there 45 minutes early. my dad, however, insisted that wouldn't be enough time. i learned my lesson, don't listen to your parents.

sunday morning, playing catch in the backyard. yes that is out the back door of their apartment. washington is so beautiful, and during blackberry season the blackberries grow everywhere. mmm.

there was an airplane

playing in the truck after church

sooo this is the only picture with me in it the whole trip. my eyes are closed. annoying tour guide in the back. thanks mike, you really have a knack.

tired boy. touring the city will do that to a one year old.



eli has become quite the talker. he tells me all sorts of stories and absolutely thinks he's making sense. it is very sweet, he'll usually stand right in front of me looking at me very intently and proceed to tell me whatever is on his mind.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

we're leaving on a jet plane

eli and i are off to washington tonight, and we're oooober excited to hang out with daddy! wish us luck!

Friday, September 3, 2010


thank you costco. i bought it two days ago and have been waiting for the perfect moment to dive in. sleeping child, clean house, and maybe more than five hours of sleep the night before. i'm so excited! who's with me?