Thursday, January 29, 2009

HOORAY for Pregnancy

It seems as though since I've been pregnant, things have been happening to me that I don't usually go through.  For example, I haven't thrown up in years (literally) and just yesterday I caught a nasty case of food poisoning.  I've never even had food poisoning before and I just had to get it now.  I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer, but I've discovered I am NOT one of those people who like being pregnant.  I would even say I've had a pretty mellow pregnancy, no morning sickness and no serious complications, but still, the being pregnant part I could live without.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby Jay!

It was Jay's birthday yesterday, he turned the big TWO.  The whole fam was there to celebrate, minus Whitney who will be gracing us with her presence Thursday night.  Jen and John made a wonderful dinner, we ate opened presents and had a great night.  Jayms was so cute and he quickly caught on to blowing out the candles.  He loved all the attention and all his gifts.  He is adored by all his crazy auties and we can't wait to celebrate many more birthdays with this sweet boy.  We love you baby!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Twenty-Nine Weeks

I am 29 weeks and 1 day today! (as you can see on my handy dandy baby ticker). You also may have noticed that Mike and I have chosen a name for the little guy, Eli Todd Walker. We are so excited and can't wait the two and a half months we have left to meet him! I personally can't wait to fit into my skinny jeans and heels again, but that's a different story. I spent my 28th week of pregnancy in Utah enjoying the snow! Mike and I went to Bear Lake with some of his work peeps, and we had a really good time. Mike loved the snow and riding snow mobiles, I loved the warmth of the inside. I did make it outside to take a few pictures, including a couple of belly pictures. Enjoy!