Wednesday, March 7, 2012


since moving to utah, a few months ago, there's been so much change we've had to get used to. most importantly, let's talk about the weather. going from california to utah is a nasty shock, even though this has probably been the mildest winter, honestly i think utah just skipped winter. hey i'm not complaining, i can't stand the cold. we've had more indoor activities than usual, but since it's been so nice we've been able to be outside a lot. eli has a little bike and we ride to parks, the library, around our neighborhood, around with friends. it's so fun, and he's getting really fast so we got him a little bike helmet, sooo cute and he loves it!

we're still getting used to the snow, when it does come.

sometimes we wear gloves inside. we're amateurs.

some indoor activities include making candy

lining up cars perfectly

making treats just because

doing puzzles, eli's gotten really good and does them by himself after a few times with help.

coloring. look at that cute bum.

bathing is always a good indoor activity, so is color coordinating your bath letters.

we also venture out and stay out of the cold other ways. like story time at the library, we live close to the provo library so that is something we do every week. cute eli can wash his hands by himself, so kid friendly.

eli is not one for noise, which is weird because he is super loud and talkative. but heaven forbid anyone else be too loud for him.

and as a last resort, we find a cupcake store. ok fine it's not as much a last resort as our intended destination, but who's judging.

sometimes eli and i go on lunch dates together. let me correct myself, we USED to go on lunch dates together. this picture was taken at guru's. we LOVE guru's. we live very close to them so we've been a handful of times. well this time we went, eli yelled as a worker walked past our table "is that my daddy!?" i was so embarrassed especially since there was no other adult with me i could laugh with, i just was awkward and red with my kid who doesn't know who his father is. awesome.

the children's museum in salt lake is also great, it's attached to the gateway mall so both eli and mommy can have a fun day.

we will visit with friends. eli loves quinn, as you can tell from their intimate hug in the above picture. they were watching 'fox and the hound' and were scared. so naturally, they consoled each other.

sometimes we will skip naps and the little boy just gets too tired.

ahh the aquarium. i like it for a number of reasons; eli loves it, it's cheap, it's not too far from us, and it is not very big. we can spend an hour maybe and hour and a half in there and we're good. we don't have to make a day trip of it, and eli can still be home to nap. that makes us both happy.

like i said, this winter has been almost non-existant. most days are beautiful, sunny, clear and perfect for being outside.

and just for a sweet ending, a few valentine's day treats. the cupcakes are from 'cupcake chic' in orem. soooo good. yes, all three of those were for me. yes, i ate them myself. yes, they were gone the next day.