Wednesday, February 18, 2009

32 Weeks

I'm a week late, I'm 33 weeks now, but these pics were taken at 32 weeks.  Enjoy!


I've been MIA in the blogging world for a little while now.  Mike has made it possible for me to continue sharing my life with all you loyal readers, he found my camera cord yesterday!  Now there's no excuse for me to slack.  Well, on January 31st my wonderful sister threw a baby shower for me and, of course, went above and beyond my expectations.  She's such a show off.  Anyway, everything was perfect.  From the decor and food, to all the friends in attendance.  Cassie definitely outdid herself, oh and did I mention she did all of this with a 4 week old baby!  Here are some pics....

"Expectant Mother Parking"
I love CVS Pharmacy

Sign In and Prize Table

yummy food!

homemade cupcakes

cute decor

I had mentioned I wanted to use a Cassie bought me one. 

I got so many cute gifts, including some of the tiniest shoes I have ever seen!

Jay's birthday was earlier that week, here he is yelling at Claire after she told him the presents weren't for him.

He won't accept it.  He's two, what do you expect?

Eli's Grandma Morris

All the sisters were there, thanks to Whit who made special trip just for the shower!  
And yes, that is Cassie 4 weeks after giving birth.

And of course Baby Violet sporting her blue dress in honor of Cousin Eli