Tuesday, April 26, 2011

speaking of bunnies

the easter bunny dropped a basket at our house on sunday. it was filled with fun toys and candy. eli was so excited for his new stuff, he kept saying "ooohhhh wow!" every time he pulled out something new, and giggling that giddy little laugh kids get when they can't contain their excitement. it was a fun morning with this little one. after we spent the morning with peter rabbit, we went to the park for a bbq and easter egg hunt. it was eli's first easter egg hunt, if you don't count the one he had at his birthday party last year, which i don't. he was one, he didn't know what he was doing. well this year was a different story. well, kind of. he didn't get it at first, he grabbed the first egg he saw, opened it and wanted to eat the candy. i basically walked around pointing eggs out for him to put in his basket. however he got those eggs, the end result is the same. mission accomplished.

he opened every single egg he found before putting it in the basket. just to double check he wasn't getting ripped off, i'm sure.

the kids played together all afternoon. they played in the water fountain, pool and chased bubbles. it was perfect.